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Our Fastest Single CPU System
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JNCS provides infrastructure management and support, high quality servers, workstations, and desktop computers with a selectable warranty.

Our excellent technical support is provided by our own in-house technicians.
JNCS Model W7170 Workstation
Now with new V2 Xeon™ CPUs!
  • SuperMicro X9DAi High Quality Workstation Board
  • Dual Xeon™ 4, 6 or 8-Core CPUs
  • Intel® 1200 Watt Power Supply
  • Memory to 256GB
  • MS Windows™ Pro 7, 8, or Linux
JNCS Intel® Xeon™ Model E5 Servers
Now with new V2 Xeon™ CPUs!
  • Intel® Dual Xeon Server Board
  • Dual Intel® Xeon™ e5 4, 6 or 8-Core CPUs
  • Corsair® 1200 Watt Power Supply
  • Memory to 256GB
Why Buy From JNCS?
Our Customer Service sets us apart! Customer service is our top priority. During business hours we answer every phone call quickly, with a live person, who will immediately help you or transfer you to the correct department. We don’t like or use voicemail! We can best serve you by placing you with the correct person, in the right department, with very little on-hold time.

Our Sales department will listen to the purpose for which you will be using your computer, help you customize your computer according to your needs, and make sure that it will remain current for a long time to come. Our customers tell us that they come back multiple times due to the personal service they receive and the high quality computer hardware that we build for them.

Please call JNCS for all of your computer needs. We look forward to speaking with you!
New Intel® NUC™!
The new Intel NUC is one fantastic little computer! It’s fast, quiet, & tiny! There are several versions available to fit your needs. We have assembled all Intel® NUC™ current models on one page for your convenience.

Take a Look!
New JNCS D30!
JNCS has launched a new small-footprint model, our D30 series. It is available with Intel® Celeron™, Core™ I3, Core™ I5, or our most powerful Core™ I7 versions. These system will allow use of two drives, a combination of SSD and standard HD, Dual SSD, or Dual HD. They also include a DVD-RW drive. Check them out!

JNCS Workstations are built to exacting standards. They all use Intel® Xeon™ processors and ECC memory for reliability and performance.

JNCS has models with as many as 24 physical processing cores and memory to 512GB. Our build process, as with all of our systems, is detailed and methodical. Attention is paid to noise reduction, cable routing, and cooling.

Before shipping, JNCS workstations must pass rigourous testing for 48 consecutive hours without a single error or anomaly.

Intel® Xeon™ E5 Processors

JNCS specializes in Intel® Xeon™ Processors. Whether built into Servers, Workstations, or just excellent pricing on Xeon™ CPUs, we have you covered! Investigate our Intel® Xeon™ Processor Selections!
JNCS Servers are built to our highest quality standards. They use Intel or Supermicro Motherboards, Intel® Xeon™ processors and Intel® certified ECC memory.

JNCS has models with as many as 40 physical processing cores and memory to 1.5TB. Our build process and procedural QC checklists work togther to provide exemplary product. Server burn-in requires 72 consecutive error free hours of operation under heavy load.

Please View our Server Selection , but remember, we will build you almost anything that you wish.
Notebook Repairs
Does your notebook or smartphone look like this? Don't despair, we can fix this and most any other problems! If the parts are available, and the total cost of repair is significantly cheaper than a new unit, it may be worth fixing! Give us a call at (855) 333-3482, ask for our repair department, and we'll be glad to let you know what the repair cost will be.
Personal Computers
JNCS PCs come in many styles and colors! Whether you need a desktop, notebook, tablet, or convertible, we have the right product that will meet your needs.
Motherboard Bundles
Assembled & Tested!
Bundles have been our specialty for many years. We may have been the first firm to use the term 'motherboard bundle'! By 1996 we were shipping many motherboards, and the tech support was overwhelming. Folks were calling and saying that they installed the board and it wouldn't post, but upon return, we found that they worked perfectly.

We began installing the CPU and memory into the boards and testing them before shipping. This allowed us to better serve our customers if they had issues, as we knew the boards worked properly.

We've been using this model now for 17 years. If it works, stick with it!
JNCS Will Fix It!
It doesn't matter if you bought your computer from us, Staples, Amazon, or built it yourself, we can and will fix it for you!

We remove viruses, speed up or upgrade systems, and replace broken parts. We will make your dead laptop/notebook live again!

For our local customer, bring in your computer, you don't need an appointment.

If you are not local to us and don't have a qualified and/or affordable person in your area that does repairs, call us. If necessary, we'll send you a shipping box.

Join our host of satisfied repair customers! Call us for a quote today.
New at JNCS!
We are always adding new products to our site. Below you will find our recent additions.
With the release of the new i7-4820k, i7-4930k, and i7-4960k, Asus has refreshed one of our favorites, the socket 2011 P9X79-Deluxe. The new name is simply X79-Deluxe. It has a plethora of USB and SATA-600, as well as wireless and bluetooth. We've added Bundles and Systems using this motherboard.
If you are looking for a small system, this board, the Gigabyte Z87N-WIFI, makes a great starting point. We've added Bundles and Systems using this motherboard.
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